1. The children must come to school on time and in proper uniform. For improper dress, an advance intimation must be sent and permission be taken from the Principal in writing.
2. The pupils should do their homework regularly and their diaries be pursued daily for the remarks.
3. They should visit the school as and when called by the concerned class teacher/sub. Teacher/Principal.
4. Dues should be paid regularly and within the time frame laid down by the school.
5. Academic reports should be studied carefully and returned promptly duly signed.
6. Books and notebooks of children should be seen every now and then for proper guidance whether children study the next lesson or not before it is taught in the class.
7. They must play an active role in inculcating the following points in children at home responsibility, respecting elders, social behaviour and good manners.
8. The school authorities will not take responsibility to escort child home in case his/her regular escort fails to collect him/her on a particular day.
9. The school authorities will not accept responsibility if a child indulges himself/herself in unwanted activities outside the school campus.
10. The school reserves the right to select and detain a child for rehearsals in connection with the Annual Day or other celebrations. Prior information will be given in such cases.
11. The school reserves the right to select and detain a child for extra classes after school hours or he/she may be called during holidays. Prior information will be given accordingly.
12. The parents will have to co-operate with the school authorities for developing positive attitudes and habits in the children.
13. School leaving or Transfer Certificate will be issued only on a written request by the parents submitted at least 7 days prior to the date of issue. This certificate will be issued only after all dues are cleared.
14. The school will have the right to charge late fine/damage fine if Library Books are not returned in time or not returned in proper condition.
15. The parents should inform the school if there is any change in residential address or telephone no.
16. No student is allowed to go outside the school campus without written permission from the Principal.