Name itself implies the happiness of children with outstanding achievement in all respects by providing conducive and congenial environment. Our school motto is Gyanam Parmam Dhayaym (Knowledge is ultimate goal) The school is committed to make everyone feel duty bound, devoted, dedicated and happy in the school with unflinching faith and untiring efforts. Happy Child Senior Secondary School was established in 1999. HCSSS is a co-educational, English medium residential school affiliated to CBSE. The school has been set up to provide ideal facilities of a modern school to students to develop their wholesome personalities in addition to scholastic pursuits in conducive and congenial environment. The students are given full opportunities to develop their potentialities and enable them to become good human beings with outstanding academic achievements.The School aims at imparting value and quality based education in pursuit of excellence of life To inculcate patriotic, social & ethical values in students for grooming them in responsible citizens. To develop the outlook of students through training in co-operation, team spirit and service to humanity. To make students participate in extra curricular and constructive activities. To channelise the inexhaustible energy of the students in right direction towards self sufficiency. To develop children’s potentialities to the fullest form and produce outstanding academic results.

House System

To inculcate the spirit of democratic culture, the students of the school have been divided into four houses for more effective management. Co-curricular activities are held amongst different houses. Such an exercise helps to infuse in the students the elements of competitive spirit as well as values of cooperative, work.

House Color Flag
Due recognition is given to the house that excels in discipline, academic work, sports and extra-curricular activities. Each house has at its head a House Prefect who is assisted by the Vice-Prefect

We believe in allowing our students to unlock the wealth that lies within themselves; their CREATIVITY.